Gabriel Teodros - Lovework (MassLine, 2007)

"When you talk about Hip Hop in the Emerald City (Seattle), you will lose all credibility if you don’t give props to Gabriel Teodros... His solo album Lovework is considered a masterpiece and one of the tightest albums to ever bless the city who’s Hip Hop scene was once only defined by Sir Mix-A-Lot." - Davey D, Breakdown FM

"Teodros has brains, musicality and a refreshing attitude." - Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone Magazine 

"The second-generation-Ethiopian's first major proper, Lovework, is a stirring exercise in soulful hip-hop from start to finish" - Kevin Polowy, URB Magazine

"Gabriel Teodros lets his heart bleed on his solo album, Lovework. He delivers a number of powerful messages here, and out of all the albums I have reviewed thus far, I consider this the most important because of the level of social consciousness packed in." - Okayplayer

"Young and romantic and imbued with the spirit of possibility, Lovework is the soul of an old man." - Colorlines Magazine

CD available on a sliding scale exclusively at Bandcamp.